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Uncertain Times

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There Is A Lot Of Bad News

It doesn't mean you won't be o.k.

Things will be different for awhile

Many problems might arise

There will be solutions on the way

We have to be patient

Listen and learn a little more

We are all discovering new approaches

When the old methods have to be put on hold

The simplest things we took for granted

Being close to each other every day

Now we should stay six feet away

Protecting each other as well as ourselves

Washing our hands with soap and water

Trying not to touch our face

To be safe

We have seen many businesses shut down for the time being

To keep any risk of the CoronaVirus spreading any farther

As much as I wish it was it was like five months ago

Where none of these problems existed

We have to move forward and not back

I think we have to communicate with each other more

Using new technology and advances

Calling on the cell phone or maybe texting

Before we took for granted that most of us

Will be fine tomorrow

Now it wouldn't hurt to check on our neighbors and make sure

Food stores and pharmacies are not closing

So the worst thing we can do is panic

It is o.k. to have a little extra

Then we see how people can go way over board

It isn't necessary to clean out the store

So when tomorrow comes we shall see more

I am not sure when it will be back to somewhat calm and peace again

What I do know

Is we have to stick together to make each day better