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Uncanny Girl


She want's to be loved
By someone and by anyone she wants to give a hug.
She doesn't care whoever touches her skin
She want's something..
Because she got jealous that her friends have everything.

I want him she said..
You want him or the money and bling? they said..
She is greedy in everything
She likes to boast in public, a portrait like all the men got her everything.
She wasn't like that before I was told
How come because of a dream her heart became cold?
But her world rotates on dreaming gold and fishing
Fancy cars of old.
Expensive bars she likes to dine, like a melting chocolate bar I know shes not fine.
Silver spoon
She likes spoonful talk
Grab her immediately before she can walk.

Fly in the sky
Your dream boy flying high
Even if she have known him only for a month, she never gave a sigh?
She'll grab him by the hand and close his eyes til he's done.

Are you done ? or where have you gone?
Where is self respect?
"I don't care at all" she said..
I'm still young and sweet as bread my beauty will not end unless they put me in a shred.

But a bread soon will have mold...everyone will get old..it will have less value.

And if it only wants gold.

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