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Unbridled Melody

I have stumbled across a new passion: writing. It is proving to be insightful and rewarding.

Piano Piano Keys Notes Music Sheet Music

Piano Piano Keys Notes Music Sheet Music

Don’t be sad there are no more leaves left to rustle on the trees.
The winds of autumn have carried them all away.
I used to find it soothing to listen to them speak to me.
Their living words spoke with colorful dialect.
Now they are but ash returned to mother earth.

I turn toward the sun to absorb her warmth.
I dream of sleeping peacefully under the moon and stars.
I long to create a journal of living text.
I sense the turn of a phrase, an idiom.

My feelings spill forth onto the page.
From my heart they slip like raindrops off my sleeve.
Remembrance is reflected by mirrored imaginings.
My canvas yearns to be saturated with colorful content.

I’m transposed into a musical melody much like notes on a staff.
Let’s make music to reverse the tide.
Where music flows my heart follows.
It’s living beat feeds my empty soul.

Receive the energy.
Receive the love.
It is yours to keep.
It’s your to pass on.

I find myself in search of your energetic creativity.
I desire to strum along on strings of bronze and silver.
The words are living lyrics flowing though the fissures in my mind.
They fill me with love and light.

Even the birds of the sky follow the melody.
The clouds now speak, they even sing.
Calm winds allow the words to float aloft.
They whisper the breath of life itself.

© 2020 Laurie S Novak