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A poet of 14 years. Trying to expand into new territory to see if people can be helped by my words. My goal is to impact positively.


''We're motivated by data...''

Unbeknowest to us;
Well, some of us..
The world is changing.
It's becoming less and less about what makes us human.
We're more focused on what makes us machines.
Numbers. Statistics.
We're motivated by data.

Screens partake in conversation with other screens.
LED lighted faces.
Digital sunrises and sunsets.

Touch, replaced with dopamine.
Feeling, replaced with seratonin.

I can see it.
Can you?
Or are you afraid of the dark?
Like everybody else?

Connection is much more than a wire.
Feeling is much more than a chemical.

Drug addicts come in many shapes and sizes.
Do you know what your drug of choice is?
Mine? Instant gratification.

Like and share this. Prove my point for me.

Unbeknowest to myself.
I am just like everyone else.