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Spoiled and Unaware of Our True Strength: A Satirical Poem


The world is being run by irresponsible spoiled brats.

-- P.J. Rourke

Humans survived horrors of wars

scarcities mocking balanced eating

stress untold, hope of unknown source

taking every earthly and heavenly beating.

Yes, in times of crises we seem to have no limit

sheer will to live somehow makes us prevail

soul's light strong that nothing can dim it

turbulent seas ending like smooth sail.

Then we think back with all deserved pride

disbelief not offering anything to explain

where we found all that strength inside

and how we endured all that pain.

So time does what it always will

making that memory quickly fade

now leaving us at mercy of new drill

of petty issues and problems self-made.

Wallowing in some self-pity trap

and joining the chorus of those that fuss

we don't know how to deal with all that crap

moaning over some little mishaps befalling us.

Technologies, freedoms spoiling us no end

we keep indulging from drugs to a fancy food

so we drift from one to another weakening trend

but what to say -- being spoiled feels so damn good.

Well, seems like we are only brave and strong

when the big trouble somehow refuses to pass

otherwise it is a crying crowd where we belong

in absence of that supercharging kick in the ass.

© 2022 Val Karas