Unaccompanied RHYMES

Updated on November 27, 2017

Merry Christmas to all

— Ryan Jarvis Cornelius

Unaccompanied Minors

Spend the holidays with their father.
Invited to attend for Christmas Eve.
But they're stuck at the airport waiting.
Waiting because of a massive blizzard.
Flights are canceled because of the blizzard.
The siblings are tired.
Where they meet smarty pants CHARLIE.
They have much company.
Run around really happy.
But get caught by airport security.
They then end up returning.
They send Kat down the road.
While OLIVER intends to hold.
Hold the kids in the UM room.
Hoping Kat sees what may be true.
That Santa is not really real.
Those presents are not really real.
SPENCER offers a plan to escape.
In exchange for a present to take.
To take him to his sister.
With his plan, the minors.
Give Zach who is watching them.
The slip leading them out.
Now that the kids are free.
MR. PORTER sends security.
Security after them all.
Hoping to bring back them all.
Donna and Grace fight.
Spencer tells them that it's only right.
Only right that they work together.
They find a tree together.
They decorate it together.
Then sit and talk with each other.
Beef reflects on his stepfather.
Mentally trying to make him stronger.
He tells him that men are made and not born.
While Spencer's dad drives to the airport.
But his car breaks down.
A Samaritan lets him drive down.
Down to the airport in his hummer.
In an attempt to reach the minors.
Meanwhile, they let a dog run loose.
To distract the guards as they pursue.
A thinly secured exit.
A back of the airport hidden.
The Hide from Mr.Porter.
Charlie ends up on a conveyor.
Being transport out.
He ends up in a warehouse.
Where they find many presents.
They see what's inside the boxes.
But seen on camera moments after.
Mr.Porter pursues the minors.
The minors take a sled to the lodge.
While being chased by the guards.
They complete their mission.
But are forced to be in separate.
In separate rooms, so they can't plan.
Under surveillance from escaping again.
But they have the presents from the warehouse.
Using Walkie Talkies to knock out.
Knock out the cameras.
They all escape together.
They find the decorations.
That Mr.Porter have confiscated.
They aim to finish what they started.
Making the airport look like Christmas.
Mr.Porter extends an apology.
Going to Spencer and admitting defeat.
Saying he is really unhappy.
Unhappy for never spending.
Never spending Christmas with his family.
Spencer then inspires friendly.
A friendly holiday Spirit in him.
Changing the spirit inside of him.
On Christmas, porter dresses as Santa.
The minors brought the savior.

Dyllan Christopher
Spencer Davenport
Lewis Black
Olver Porter
Gina Mantegna
Grace Conrad
Tyler James Williams
Wilmer Valderrama
Brett Kelly
Quin Shepard
David Koerchner

Paul Feig


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    © 2017 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


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