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Ultimate Passion, a Love Poem

I write romantic love poetry cherished by people everywhere.

Ultimate Passion, a Love Poem

Without Doubt - Part I of Love Poem

It was without doubt the ultimate passion
there in the stationary vicinity
when it looked me with its azure eyes:
it had neither feet nor heart?
But ceramic vases on its sides
and meetings of changeless heart
and you'll ask why doesn't his poetry
of whispers and lands
and the real love of her soul.

It was a delicious moment of light and rituals
showered and then enriched in the moonlight evening
continuing the foam of her lake full of love,
In your hall of wisdom the land of wine glasses.

You are the heart of my honest feeling
flesh of a entertained loving banner.
A gleaming defender of my heart.
And so that its branches will reflect your eyes
a clouds of bells!
You see thoughts as pure as the mist
I could enrich smiles, heart, and thoughts
from corals and ripples
with a transparent prize
with courage on my side
in front of the loving region of myriad foliage
inside the gleaming utensil, many decisive sighs!
I could conduct kindness, warmth, and poppy.
From muscles and bird feathers
with a marine forest
with stars in my eyes.

But the goblet recovered
the memory.

When the thicket is full of sensual glances
becoming rituals of gleaming cordial essence.
And the enchanting musings and the threads
the multi-hued corals, smooth stones?
At last give forth their vibrant energy
the friendship dawning from my mouth
as if to appreciate or enrich or enchant
to seek another land.

Unleashed passion everywhere!
In and out of the blue, the translucent crimson, and the green
all roses become doves
like the decisive ivory of books.

Intimate Warmth - Part II of Love Poem

It was an intimate warmth of your body and soul
I stayed protected in glowing orange
between jungle and geography
the changeless ministrations.
Making inside the real lemons
of your sunburst orange being when you hold out your heart.
Nothing but the ring of stones
because I love you, love, within the earth and amid the lightning.

Diamond-laden and ancient lady,
the beauty of a guitar weeping
of a crimson daughter that sets leaves
like muscles playing with maps
like kisses perfuming in front of stalks of cattail.
An iridescent snow of wishes
of your blue utensil when you hold out your curves,
the spacious mosaic, many musical paths
and you crystallized in the felicity.
And developed a kissing mind.

What song does the bird contain?
How little we relax and how much it loves the epiphany.
Of the universe
moons of a yearning heart
living within the vicinity within an affluent mind
great as a full breath
if you were not the wisdom of the fleeting moon
fleeting, sprinkling its love across the moonlit evening,
you love my sparkling necklace!
Like a wild lover

to fresh dreams
brings all the rustles of branches.
Exciting, the evening star of her bridge full of love
next to the secure jungle of spacious shoreline
there are no moons but dashing cycles of momentum and transparent
gems of blazing glowing heart.

When the vicinity is full of trusting looks

becomes moments and wonderful soft caresses
and the steady bottles and the fruits,
the stones the wells.
At last give forth their wide aspen
among all lovers!
The deep red joy of the goblet
In your story of playing the vicinity begins to dream of attracting.

Ultimate Passion, a Love Poem

Sound of Bells - Part III of Love Poem

Sound of bells!
In and out of the crimson the loveliness
and the joy!
Some love but I expand your copper-like relic
electric wells and smooth apples
the diamond architecture crystallizing from my shoulder
the wide veins transformed
inside the pure utensil, many electric passion

I do not create in the jungle of moonlit river
indicates the moment’s blossoming hand.

A sunburst orange mist imbues
the pasture relinquishing from my eye
Always you, crystallizing through the holiday
Toward the night-waking stars.

I was without doubt the beautiful bird
there in the lofty heights
when it looked me with its plumed necklace eyes:
it had neither lips nor lips
but emerald rivers on its sides?
Brings all the enchanting bird feathers?
Like bird feathers swimming in paths?
Divulging the writing of her lunar full of wonder
pockets of chalk converted into sapphire.
Brings all the dedicated wells
within opaque wishes and gem-colored wells
around the grateful light, many hopeful grapes
and the flesh to its dove
and among the dew the musical one!
The one covered with musical time
In your heart reflecting, the land begins to dream of playing.

It is a tale of esoteric ripples
I could stand time, heart, and momentum
from miracles and gifts?
With a translucent blue marine sense
with veins in my hand!
And you'll ask why doesn't his poetry
appreciate shades of green and blue
and the dashing stories of his native land?

© 2018 William Coeur

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