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Ukraine War


Ukraine war.

Those who have fallen asleep in the lap of death also have no peace.

Due to the blasts of your bomb, the bodies of the innocent have been torn to pieces.

Your violent atrocities took away the children's voices,

except death. They have no other choice.

The streets that used to resonate with the cries of little children are deserted,

Today because of your shells and bombings.

Even if you win in this war of hatred,

then what?

You will lose the humanity of man.

Leave this bomb, leave the gunpowder, leave this bloody gun.

Don't snatch someone's parents; don't destroy a mother's lap.

Extinguish this fire of hatred, of high and low, erase this gap.

Let the free bird fly, don't imprison it in slavery's cage.

In someone's captivity, life gets longer life's age.

Nature has given us a beautiful world.

Don't make it ugly by planting the seeds of hatred in it.

Be at peace with yourself and let others live too.

For anyone, don't dig a pit.

Time is very strong, and it can turn the dice at anytime,

So keep your behaviour balanced at all times.

© 2022 Babykhushbu

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