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Ugly Side of Mind

Ace is a student who wants to touch other people's heart thru the poems that she writes.

Scared girl running in the dark

Scared girl running in the dark



Run as fast as you can!

Or they'll catch you! Then torture you!

Until you lose your mind..

Run! Run away from them!

"Wait,- who are "them"?"

"Why are they chasing me?"

No! Don't look. You'll get scared.

Unshaped. Unknown. Scary monsters.

"What do they want from me?"

No. Don't stop! Just run!

"What if--"

No! They will hurt you! Run!

"But I'm tired of running! I wanna be at peace!"

"What do I have to do to stop them?!"

End it. End your life.

Do it. End it now! Do it!

End it and everything will be over.


A healthy mind is a healthy body. Make sure that you don't let your mind think negatively and that you won't let your overwhelming negative emotions get a hold of yourself. Nothing good will come out of it.

© 2020 Dayana Grace