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Uggggh.. I Hate This Feeling!

Love can make you think about the truest things. I for one enjoy the topic of love in its darkest and lightest forms.


Right now I want to jump of a cliff,

I want to scream into my pillow,

I want to fly to anywhere,

I just don't want to feel this way.

First of all, why do I even feel this way?

It was never part of the plan,

The audacity he has to infiltrate my mind like this,

My goodness, he deserves a beating.

I mean, his just a guy,

A really cute and hot hot guy,

His taller than me, like I literally have to stand on my toes when we....

His beard... Mouth watering.

When I think of him my heart sinks,

My stomach feels funny,

My mind goes out of Namibia,

My whole self forgets everything else.

I can no longer think straight,

The image of his eyes are in my head,

The feeling of his lips lying naked on mine is in my head,

The intimacy of our hearts syncing is in my head.. What's going on?

You know what I love about him,

His upfront,

His neat and good looking,

His respectful and hardworking..

So please tell me how am I not supposed to fall for that,

Literally, the guy of my dreams,

I just want to be loved for who I am,

I want be secure.

Can he give me this? I don't know,

Am I willing to take the risk? I don't know,

However, I am going to follow my heart.

I am going to follow my arrow.

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