Under the Weather Angel

Updated on April 27, 2018

Medicine can cure but love can make you heal faster

I am used to your smiles

Your laughter fills every part of our small home

Warms our hearts in and out

Naughty quirks of a toddler is in you

Encloses your love for attention and consistent hugs or cuddles

You love it when we run after you

You enjoy the thrill of being chased and tickled on your belly

You anticipate the emotions you see on your Dad and Mom’s faces

These motivate your innocent eyes and mind

Makes you the child you are meant to be

Then one day, I felt you warmer than you usually are

You can’t fully speak how you are feeling

Like a usual kid, you cried and cried

You cannot even drink milk or water

You threw up every time we try

Your Dad was so worried

I am asking God over and over to pass the sickness to me

We stayed up the whole night taking turns to care for you

Sponge bath and analgesics

Gave our best to ease the pain and discomfort

Yes, your mom is a nurse

I know the basics but you needed a doctor

Went to your Pediatrician to be checked

No problem with your heart or lungs

No other diagnostic procedures needed yet

The doctor gave your medicine for fever and vomiting

Added better supplements to fight dehydration

No antibiotics needed, thank God!

The doctor just emphasized you needed us to be there caring for you

Medicine can cure but love can make you heal faster

We spent another day cringing whenever we see and hear you in pain

If only we can get the discomfort away from your fragile body

I am teary eyed every time you reach out your tiny fingers to me

I feel weak when you start to cry

I feel inadequate as a mother seeing you sick in my arms

Good thing God helped a young fighter like you

You broke your fever and started to sit on your own again

You still smile a little but that is better than none

Your laughter we heard again, faint

And yet, we felt it louder that the rock songs your Daddy plays

From then on, it is evident

Matthew Rain, you are the sun in our good days

You are also the rain during hot summer days

You are part of our hearts

Mommy and Daddy live for your happiness and safety.

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    © 2018 Ronadel Razon


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