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Under the Spotlight!!!

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Standing under the spotlight all alone..

No audience to cheer, can't even hear their applause because no one is there

As silence and she meets together, tears roll down her cheeks,

she got drifted to the past, being not the super awesome kid in class.

While everyone ran she had to run behind them, so much she has lagged, her potential was slow

She couldn't count numbers or add or subtract them, being dumb was her official name.

She never achieved anything to make herself happy or make her loved ones to be proud of her.

All she had done was trying, trying nothing more but trying yet it's still the same

But her past never let her down, her failures didn't make her feel low, her setbacks never drowned her.

Something along the way she carried under the spotlight was her mask of smile, laughter, giggles and cheering everyone along the way.

It's something that she carried to give it along the way, as she sees so many who come into her life.

It's the only thing that is of no cost but it's priceless to someone who receives it.

Because that might have made their day happy or bit happier.

She is under the spotlight with no audience.

She cried behind the screen, she was hurt behind the screen, she was sleepless behind the screen..

Now when she is under the spotlight and there is no audience to see her act.

With a heart full of grief she encouraged herself, she smiled, dusted off the pain from her shoulders, acted her best,

Sung a beautiful song, danced and finally she bowed,

She clapped to herself and said that she did a fine act under the spotlight.

© 2021 Daniel R

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