Updated on July 18, 2018


At dawn of each day, I look at the cardinal points
A lady dressed in costumes comes from the east
On the other end a robust and Machiavellian man
Superbly looking at the naked old man
With a plate at its end, ask for a penny.
The doctor the man of camouflaged title
Humiliated the noble not literate, because he does not know
To write your name join letter plus letter.
I see the flirtatious woman show her rough tits
Bringing to everyone who your lust is interested in
To the police disguised as defender of the state when
He is only interested in taking care of those who are potentates
And the common citizen is not interested in a penny
The rich defend and those who are not, treat it as slaves.
I look so many pedants that they do not fit in the clothes they have bought
Because like the peacock they are vain.
Looking at all this
I say why there are so many vain people
Curled women, dishonest men
Of the dishonor they do not flinch, with juggling they dispute
The spoils of dishonest and unpolluted corruption.
All of pygmy feelings, stutterers of absurd reason
Lovers of pleasures, camouflage themselves as chaste
They ignore their citizen duties and annihilate
To everyone who does not share their strange vices.
They ignore his baseness when they reach the Iniesta tomb
They do not know that they are thousands of worms prey
Because they carry the same sentence as the poor
To return to the dry land that the Creator to all
He has given us a sentence.
Young impolite addicts end their lives
Swallowing marijuana humaradas
Cocaine and even gum swallow with governments
Ruthless who do not protect the helpless
Not the peasant for the army massacred.
Widows sleepless, lost dreams
They draw in their face the despair
For the food that their children cry.
With their ragged and torn dresses
They walk through the streets
Looking for a place where they can
Earn a penny in your chimera
And put out the hunger of their children
With their skull-like faces
For the necessary bread that the State
With demagoguery they have denied them.
In this life, there are so many arrogant
That they camouflage themselves as honest
They claim to be charitable
And they are just cocky
And this lame and deaf-mute society
It sells for a penny
For riches, temptations
That greed is pushed.


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