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Two Wild Catkins


These two wildflowers grew on an empty flower pot in my garden. This poem however is not about the flowers in particular. The flowers are used figuratively to portray relationships that face difficulties when they fall beyond the social norms.


Two Wild Catkins

They had sprouted in a place they were not meant to be

An empty flower pot in a lavish garden

And it wasn't at all a welcoming place

For untamed flowers that didn't curtsy.

But they were strong, bold and determined

And so they grew with their heads held high

Stubborn and fearless!

With passion that was wild.

Though they knew their time was limited

As soon, they would get uprooted,

For the garden was no place for two wild Catkins,

Nor were their spirits meant to be prisoners in a pot.

And so they waited,

And so they fought!

To live for their undying love,

Until their souls were set free!

Farah N Huq

© 2020 Farah N Huq

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