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Two Steps Behind - a Bella Poarch Song Lyrics Poetry

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Writing is my way of expressing thoughts positively. And through this platform, I am able to share with you my simple creation.

Two Steps Behind - A Bella Poarch Song Lyrics Poetry

Two Steps Behind - A Bella Poarch Song Lyrics Poetry

It’s not too late
Let me in
Leave him now
He doesn’t deserve your love
Don’t calculate
He betrayed you once
Now it’s twice
It will be foolishness
If you would wait for the third time

O’ hello Bella
It’s me from afar

I have a crush on you
I lack the words
I only have pretty

Would you even consider talking to me?

Well I guess not
Who am I
Just this guy
Who doesn’t deserve your smile

But to what I heard
Your prince broke your heart?

He wanted more than perfection
Ohh, how foolish he was
Ohh, I guess a six-pack
Is not a measure of intelligence
Next time
Choose someone smart

Your beautiful eyes
Matches the blue sky
A weak figure of speech
But something that is honest

Would you even consider someone
Typically different
May not be as handsome as the previous
But with certainty
Someone who will not leave you
Offering beautiful roses
But leading broken promises

O, hello Bella
I hope you’ll read this poem
I don’t ask for perfection
Because the way you are
Is the reason
Why the heavens
Needed stars
You are my light
An inspiration
Another good word
A beacon
My perfect reason
To love and exist on this earth
And know this
I’ll love you if you let me
And like from the words of a song
I’m only two steps behind
If you need me

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