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Two Special People In Love

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A Wedding To Remember

Look up in the sky

There are so many clouds

A hurricane is on its way

Not today

We have a wonderful wedding to watch

It is something really special

When strangers become friends

Friends become neighbors

Don and Alisha are a great match

A little after four in the evening

Hoping the rain would not come early

The sun was strong and bright

The bride came out of the house

Looking absolutely stunning

As her husband patiently waits

He looked so sharp

Both ready to take their vows

I look around and see so many smiling faces

As family and friends gathered round

The next thing I remember

You can kiss the bride

Off to take pictures

Then on to the dance floor

For their first dance

It didn't take long

For everyone to unwind

The shining sun finally went in

Pictures and more pictures

Behind us I can see two beautiful ponds with lots of flowers

Where the waterfall quietly flows

Everyone was delighted

As the music played

A tower of chocolates are displayed

A great time has no plans to stop

Even though my wife and I had to go

The farther we walked away

We could hear the sound of laughter get louder

I think they are going to party late into the night

May happiness always fill their hearts and souls

They each have found beauty in each other

That creates a love that will last forever