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Two Poems about the Importance of Family Ties

Teodora is a bilingual writer. She is the author of two books, a poetry volume and a collection of short stories.


They are always with you. In your blood, in the way you comb your hair, in the wrinkles on your forehead. They are your parents, your grandparents, your brothers and sisters. Sometimes you take on their burdens so that their souls get lighter. Other times you forget that you are someone’s daughter or son, until a small crease in the fabric of life reminds you where you come from. No matter what your family history is, you will undoubtedly see it reflected in your experiences and emotions. It’s up to you to make peace with the past and allow the good to prevail.


Every time I breathe

my lungs are reacquainted with snippets of stories from the past.

Every time I blink

their eyes recapture the raw magnificence of life.

My grandfathers are running through my veins like wild streams

unbound by the fatal flow of time.

My great-grandmother’s shadow is still knitting a sweater

on a wall next to an old photograph of a curly girl.

I am my family tree

my branches are stretching towards heaven

ready to embrace everything

they never could.


Family Karma

She saw him standing at the altar

There was a pause then yet again

There was a somewhat silent falter

And someone almost dropped a pen.

It felt like walking through a maze

Her train was getting heavier still;

She looked behind with trembling gaze.

Are you a dream or are you real?

And then she saw them, pale and grim

Her ancestors, sewn to her train.

You should not suffer for our sin...

Love is your gift. Let go of pain!

They smiled and waved their child goodbye

She blinked and chased her fears away

Happy once more, ready to fly

The dress no longer in her way.


© 2021 Teodora Gheorghe