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Twisted and Lost


Twisted and lost, broken and battered.

Lost in his own head,

lost in the darkness,

broken inside myself

battered by lifes decisions.

Twisted around until I am lost,

Losing himself to what is inside,

breaking apart the darkness taking over,

swallowing him whole.

Fighting to get out,

But losing to oneself

Not knowing how to deal with

All the stress that it has

Created and bought alive.

Twisted up with the darkness

Lost within it

Broken because he can’t get out

Battered by his own decisions.

Having played his games for

So long they now come to him

Naturally and cause him pain.

If only he could see that

His ways need to change.

Instead he continues to be

As he is and hurts all around him.

Laying twisted in the fires that

He has started, and can’t get out of,

Shattered till unrecognizable.

Little embers that just need to be

Dusted away and thrown out.

© 2020 Emily


Emily (author) from Georgia on March 25, 2020:


Thank you! This poem was written for a friend who has done many things to ruin their life. Yet does nothing to change for the better. I know that they can, they just will not. I am enlightened in your words and your kind encouragement. Thank you again!

Kyler J Falk from California on March 25, 2020:

Wow, a very deep story told within the lines of this gorgeous poetry. It made my heart hurt when applying it to myself and my own life. The lies I've told, and the games I have played ruining my life and hurting those around me. The power in it is addicting, and the pain that comes unavoidable. Change for the better isn't impossible, you just have to find what it is that is worth changing for.

Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts through poetry, never stop!

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