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Twice Again

He wanders the desert sands
The wind sculpting white waves,
Covering his tracks,
but stinging, clinging to his eyes
Thinking, thinking, praying, crying

"Why must all that I love wither away?
With whom am I at war?
I water the garden yet lightening strikes
I honor the forest yet a fire rages on
I placed my feet into the waters
As John did into Jesus’ hands
Who will wash them for me
What repentance can honor me
For I have paid the price twice again"

A desert sand flower lays beneath his tears
It’s beauty does not question how it lives
It has no pride, no purpose, except to be
Yet he stopped and wept upon its life

Why must one die while another lives?

He said, “I know this to be true my Lord
What lesson must you teach me twice?
I pray and believe in you
Was it that I tempted you my Lord?
Was your will offended by my faith?
Still I believe, is that what you want me to say?
You spared Isaac, returned the prodigal son
What destiny must I live to please you?
Am I a camel, to walk weeks without water
To carry those who believe in me
That I can survive the sun and carry my burden?”

He lives in the green, where blessings are plentiful
Yet his mind has become that of a prophet
Purified by the hand of God, unmerciful on earth

But is it in heaven?

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