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Turn What We Have To Do Into What We Want To Do

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This Can Be The Trickiest Of Them All

The outcome can be amazing

Filled with dreams of happiness and deep satisfaction

This is not a one day or month project

This is a life long plan

To help create the world that we see

A lovely match to the world that we feel and believe

I start by closing my eyes

Feeling the energy all around me

The love that surrounds me

All the people that have come in and out of my life

Constantly guiding me to a new direction

It is up to me to see my true place

I am not in any hurry

Because the best things in life

Should never be rushed

They can be experienced in many different ways

I like to go on my own virtual reality tour

My mind is buckled in

My imagination is set free

To carry my whims and inspirations to new heights

When something doesn't work out

I am not ashamed or imbarrassed

I am always trying

To fix the current problem at hand

Turning it into another spectacular moment

Some days are easier than others

Then there are a few days that are almost impossible

It is a working progress

One that we can all be part of

If we only realize

We are the only one in our own way

So move those feet

When I just get out of the shower

After being darn right naked and clean

I am refreshed and ready to give it my all

I have had plenty of days

That I shy away

They are too tough to handle

When the time is right

I come back and give it my best fight

Most people don't realize

I always do more work behind the scenes

That you will never see

It helps me from every vantage point

So I can call the shots

Make the next move

On my terms

Finding who I am

Who I want to be

Wait and see who I become

We all have great potential

Do we apply ourselves or just skip over it

Can't you see we are in the end zone?

We have bases loaded and no outs

The ribbon is waiting to be broken

i can't help myself

Sharing my early morning yearnings

For everyone to rise

Now so relaxed and at ease

Knowing I don't just have three aces

But another ace in the hole

That changes everything

I use to fiddle when I got nervous

That bottled up energy

Ready to explode

Now I channel it in slowly

Giving it a real sweet purpose

Turning all this power into words

That pack the knock out punch

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