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Tunnels of Tear, Shades of Hope

Endy is a lover of and a practicing writer. He is always learning ways to improve while spilling his gut. He sees writing as life.

Victory is a spiritual medal; only the scars from our daily struggles remind us how many of them we wear upon our souls.

— Endurance AUF Noble

Stanza I

The land is tranquil dark with piece of fear prevailing everywhere
As clouds of hopelessness prevails over the power of faith,
Man’s mind’s eyes can’t see the shade of hope that arose in the West
His, a squabbled faith dangling in vain because the heart is heavy
He can’t toss and buoyancy like the lily flowers upon the waters
He had weight like a stone and the sinking character of metals
The darkness is heavy, and the eyes of his mind can’t see through
I remember once when it is said, “’Light and darkness dwells’
Men have a choice to play the African flutes and dance
Or let the singing birds sing their unwritten lyrical songs
For the dark tunnel of tears is only a tiny part of the large beautiful world,
And the shade of hope that arose in the West is now homecoming”


Harmony of the opposites

Table illustrating the poem, 'Tunnels of Tear, Shades of Hope' as the two sides of life and the choices we have to make.

PositiveNegativeThe Choices We Have



See light or darkness



Feel courage or fear



Feel hopeful or dispaired



Choose head or tail

Shades of Hope

Tunnels of Tear

Express hope or tears

Stanza II

I heard the thunder’s roar from far and courage leaps away like a deer
But in the midst of man’s greatest fear, do we say courage is dead?
No, courage and fear in whatever magnitude co-habits the same heart
And like the two faces of a coin ‘head’ or ‘tail’ shows up at time
Even when the tail persistently shows up to doll our candled hopes,
We must hold firm and upandan to the winds of incarnate faith
For life here or there is a beautiful dream that we have let glide
Yes, the gulls know and eagles believe a flow with the wind is ecstasy
So when I heard the thunder, accompanied by blistering lightning,
Or when you or I walk the tunnel of hopelessness, fear and despair,
Or when my brave heart or yours give in to momentary dread of the moment
I owe myself; you owe yourself a favor—to lookout in faith,
Smile in hope, and speak to the spirit of beauty and shades of hope

Facts about Life

No matter how long a tunnel, it's just a tiny part of the world. No matter how deep our pains, it's just a small part of life. If then we take a moment to compare our tears to our smiles, the odd is just as little and insignificant.


Stanza III

Now or tomorrow I know as much as I believe there shall be homecoming
A time when this prolonged walk in this dark tunnel shall end,
A time when you or I shall look at our over flogged self and smile with pride
A time when all now fear stricken men shall arise in revival of strength,
And act without compromise of courage, holy love and bravery spirit
A time when courage fuses into faith and faith in our souls' sublimes
Hold on friends, dreams don’t come true until we come along and alive
Until we walk tunnel of soul reconstruction and courage reconstitution
Until we walk this walk we hate and come out strong and victorious
Then we shall look ourselves in the mirror, smiling broadly and boldly
And then, we can say, “We walk the difficult and the near impossible walk,
We find our tunnels’ end and come along and alive and out here stronger!”
So when courage fails us, we must hold onto the desire for victory.

How We Feel When We Reflect

The beauty of life is not in its immediate but the long-range reflections of its mean days, scary moments, past bitter times, the though fearful but taken steps, and the victory won from steps of courage and faith—over fear, hopelessness, and despair.
If we can look back to the battleground and smile, then, we can walk away proud; for victory is a spiritual medal, only the scars remind us we wear them upon our souls.

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© 2018 Ajodo Endurance Uneojo

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