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Tumble and Roll

What to do with all these rocks I've collected over years? Repurposing them with new intention, covering me.


Tumble and Roll

Deny me dear Void the big fear
To traverse the border
Between hell and death
Perdition tell me it doesn't matter
I bring no chips, there is no cash
Sleeping was a life's mission
Does the mystic know?
What does gnosis know?
I rail and rant and the wick is burned
"Nothing matters," the old me says
My walk is a winding caverned gimp
These lines i've skillfully drawn
The face with the laugh lines
The heart with tearing trails
Dance with me pretty one with
Your red sash, pull me
And dance me until we stop
The seasons and time is no more
Take me into the long voyage
Breathless, my legs as useless
As the girl with ricketts
Once again motionless and left
With this funny grace, where
The floor meets my face and we roll
Infirm, but formless won't hurt
Legs crumbling I roll
Shove me into a ditch cover me
With every stone I've collected

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