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Tugging at Sunsets on the Horizon. Wednesday's Homily for the Soul

Manatita is an esteemed author living in London, UK. He writes spiritual books, flash fiction and esoteric poetry, his favourite genre.

Politics and us as Humans

Politics, like science, is another of God’s instruments. Like all instruments, we need good health and we need balance, or we rust and decay. I use the word, as we cannot avoid that which invades our kitchens, tussles with the very air we breathe.

Nevertheless, my purpose here is to inspire us to go within, to reflect … our candles, covered by adversity in the guise of a virus, has created upheaval yes, but it also highlights some of the ails … the afflictions from which we suffer, wherever we are.

Each man’s death diminishes me, for the microcosm is part and parcel, of the macrocosm, a much larger whole. The Absolute, from the unmanifest, projects that which creates, nourishes and sustains the universe: Love! Perhaps a little more could help us ... perhaps?

Let us try, let us endeavour to reach out to our Hearts, the Inner Voice of conscience, to move away from the spiral, marching straight ahead … following, like the man in the cave, this tiny streak of sunlight. If we do this, then I have faith that we shall arrive Home.


Tugging at Sunsets Upon the Horizon

Poison at the end of the food chain, is very

Rarely its source. Lightning strikes with blinding

Speed, yet the burnt tree knows that it came from

Above the clouds. The tyranny of oppression is not new,

But an enemy of man, sweeping down the path of centuries!

When a dying man says: “I can’t breathe!”, it is really

A complex and repeated echo … a poignant and tragic one

Indeed, leaving the heavy stain of grief, sighing on the living breaths

Of countless souls. Dying from the heartlessness of another,

Re-awakens a cry of longing for equality and justice by the

Oppressed, who seemingly won the battle against the brutality

Of slavery, only to fight another war for survival.

The very presence of excessive greed, defines by nature

Unjust elements in a society, which is either duplicitous,

Complacent, essentially evil or indifferent. There’s an ingrained

History of abuse of power, guilt, discomfort, insecurity and mistrust.


Like all chronic afflictions, the remedy is painfully slow,

And the wheels of pain keep spinning in ghettos.

As such, social disparity prevails, together with hunger

And deprivation, breeding strife in the hearts of the dispossessed,

Their wails running red, all the way back to their ancestral homes.

A man once came to fix my kitchen taps. He took off the

Handles, blew out the dust; put them back together and left.

Within three months, the problem had returned. One needs

New knobs when a tap is broken, just as the hungry need’s

Skills and know-how, in order to help themselves. Handouts,

By nature, will only create more hunger, when another famine

Strikes. O man, teach me to toil; to nurture my own resources.


Each heinous crime diminishes me; weakens the spirit of a

Community which inherently wish to live peacefully side by side,

But is Instead forced to address the causes and ravages of disorder.

So while the light of the firefly, is no match for the stunning

Effects of moonlight, even a candle, can light up the sky!

My eyes are not as powerful as the sun, yet they see

Colossal things. Like moths, some rush to the seeming light,

Which is none other than darkness. Callousness reigns in

Many hearts; the dead blames the ones that are dying.

The cry of each soul longs for freedom, tugging at sunrise upon

The dawn and sunsets on the horizon. Meanwhile, confusion

Reigns In the light of day, while we weep in the shadows,

Striving to Love against a background of pain and complacency.

-Manatita, The Lantern Carrier. 2nd June, 2020.

|- Inspiring the Light within -

A Dearth of Love

Make haste this day

Tomorrow is another day and today well spent, prepares and shapes my journey. I rise at dawn, hear the lark sings and aspires to its eloquence and vivacity. The beauty of daffodils and seasonal spring, fills my Heart with wonder and I take in another breath, joyful to be alive.

Sea water rushes towards me, bringing a soothing melody ... a reflective piece of music of everything that is good and noble ... full of Light. I bow in sweet reverence, offer myself to the glories of creation. How I wish that all may breathe this Love.

© 2020 manatita44

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