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Tuesday Disenchantment Franchise

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

Trying to embrace being an optimist and a cynic at same time

But one always seemed to overrule the other option

You can guess which one managed to take over

Hard to understand where the disillusionment came from

Seemed to come out of the blue sometimes

Realized that it was a long time coming with recent events

Thoughts a convoluted jumble of exhaustion and lack of motivation

Brain circling the world's largest drain at a rapid repetitive pace non-stop

Desperately needing some relief and Dramamine

To curb the overwhelming sense of nausea

Sick to death of feeling like The Thinker

Just sitting in one single pose for eternity

With nothing to give to the world at all

Not even a single thought of substance

Gathering dust in a art museum of a committee's choosing

Only growls and constant grousing about everyone

Turning into the ultimate hermit crab

Pinching that irritate and block my path to freedom

Avoiding becoming the crucial ingredient in a stew

Unwilling to blend in the huddled masses

But completely terrified of speaking out in public

Especially with all eyes burning a hole into your soul

The secret cruel sneers from the other foot soldiers

Making it harder to get a rational sentence out

That doesn't sound like a half baked rap song

Preferring to transform into a turtle when things were too much

Burying your head inside the shell for warmth and comfort

And away from prying judgmental eyes

Believing that you should be farther ahead in life's race

Married with other little turtles or crabs roaming the beach

Rather than a solo tortoise slowly going to each destination

Getting claustrophobic in rooms with more than two people

Ready to flip out over little social gaffs and drinking too much wine

Oh well, at the hangover will be the only remnant

Of this latest disastrous get-together

Everything else will just fade away as the New Year commences

Welcome to paradise, enjoy it while it lasts.

The Thinker is pondering their future.

The Thinker is pondering their future.

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