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Tucked in the Back of Our Minds

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Way In The Corner

Like a blanket you love but soon forget about

I treasured time

Folded so loosely

For everyone to see

Sometimes we forget

It can be just for me

I love so soft

Each time I swear is better than the last

Some people say it is just a blanket

I say it is a my closest companion

It holds me when I am down

It may be fluffy

It is worth it's weight in gold

When I talk

All it does is listen

I pull it closer than before

Tucked under my chin and pressed tight against my body

I don't want to move

I lay here silent

I really believe I can stay here forever

My mind wants to take a break

My body wants to sleep

Slowly my eyes close

Only to awake two and a half hours later

What has changed ?

My body has been pampered

My thoughts have been comforted

I am ready to get up

Slowly lifting myself from the last bit of warmth

As a small flow of cool air

Brushes so lightly against my face

I lower the blanket

Now draped over my toes

I have to let go

Where I fold it once again

Put it back where it has been

Until next time

I will be back for you soon

Then we will continue where we left off

Covered in warmth

Pure comfort and joy

© 2022 DREAM ON

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