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Trying To Find It


so many things I have to say
trying to maybe forget about it
by making it real with words
instead of burying it beneath the skin
can not do without it
happiness sometimes isn't real
how can I think about it
how can I get around it
ups and downs surround
but now, tell me where I can go
not sure I know
when day after endless day
with nothing for me to show
nothing to show for the effort
nothing to believe
like needing to wake up from a dream
but you can't
how do I find the words to say
who even needs to know
maybe just keep it inside again
hide inside that shell
the skin that was a living hell
and now that I'm out
I can't go back there
I can't go back to that
so head up
stay strong
and find a way
keep moving along
each day is a chance
to get back into the dance
if you quit
you for sure will never find it

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