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Tryin to Finish It

I just caught myself blanked out
Staring, so concentrated on a spot random
at best
but also off into nothing, beyond
all of what may possible seem.
To the observer,
one may say, I look, well 'plan out of place'
As if my body is still here on Earth
but my mind has went elsewhere-
to maybe, outterspace?
Or? Maybe some new- my own, home-plate
I'm so sick of the illusion that everyone's
assuming-'shes so crazy, a real headcase'
In/off into my created outterspace-
my spot in oblivion
Every persons' voice trails off-
Rather they be speaking to me or not,
really is not the case
I'm focused- soley what's all of my 'real life problems' what's immediately of my control-
Constantly; any and every possible path or solution,
that maybe correct/right
For however the length of time that may pass
Most the time is only minutes
before usually I snap to,
trying to finish it.

© 2022 Britt Smith AKA Bobbi Stryde

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