Truth Untold-Poems

Updated on February 8, 2020
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Poems is what fills me. It makes me whole and lets me express what I felt


Sadness is what my heart screams

Craving for someone to embrace me

And save me from these cruel dreams

That drowns me in the never ending sea

Hold me, heal me, save me

Break the facade I wore and see through me

Pull me out of this masquerade

Remove the mask I wore for this parade

And see the tears in my eyes before I fade

Melancholy Heart

I once wrote a song for the boy I've loved but was never finished

For our love was soon diminished

Leaving us drenched with an empty arm

Holding on with nothing but a charm

But I guess it wasn't enough

For we too suddenly fell apart

Leaving us with nothing but our broken part

Along with the melancholy in our heart


Blood moon rises

Death had given me kisses

Embracing me with its darkness

Leaving me restless

Reminiscing memories in my head

Waiting here on our bed

Living with a life full of tragedy

Hoping you can be my remedy

Though I know it cannot be done for you had already left me undone

Red Queen

The red queen laugh painfully

Looking at the people she thought were her ally

How fool she is to trust them

Not even noticing their hearts anthem.

Sharp words stab her in the heart

Tearing it slowly apart

Until there's nothing but her broken part.


Melancholy tears overflow in her eyes

As the moon slowly rise

Kissing her skin with its lonely light

As she stands there fading until she was out of sight.

Infatuation or Love?

Staring at you from afar

Wanting to be with you wherever you are

But too shy to even talk to you

Nor meet your eyes out of the blue.

I know myself that I was a fool

That my love for you once diminished

And I know that it was totally uncool

To even left you unfinished.

But here I am

Falling for you again

Gripping my t-shirt's hem

Hoping to reach you while I still can.

I like you

I really do

But I do not know if this is just an infatuation

And if I'm just going through the motion

Of rhythm and blues

But for now

With my final vow

I promise myself to let us remain free

For I know it is still not the right time to love

And trap myself into the cage of dove.

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      • bhattuc profile image

        Umesh Chandra Bhatt 

        8 weeks ago from Kharghar, Navi Mumbai, India

        A nice collection of poems. Good reading.


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