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Trusting in Love

I'm a writer, a poet, a dreamer. Born and raised in New York City. I now live in Daytona Beach, Florida. .


When they met they were very young,

just beginning to live.

They fell in love

and life seemed so very fine.

Whenever she felt afraid,

he’d comfort her

and sing a special song -

that always made her glad.

It wasn’t a very happy song,

but it brought comfort and good feelings,

so their love blossomed and grew.

They went along life’s road,

both hand in hand.

The years came and went

and whenever she would stumble,

whenever the tears would fall,

he’d sing his special song

and the world would shine again.

Soon it was that the years seemed to fly,

memories like treasured pearls,

were made and saved.

Whenever he was away,

she would think of his song

and then she wouldn’t feel so all alone.

He loved to spoil her,

with special gifts

and candlelit suppers.

He always reminded her,

that if someday they had to part,

if the angels came

and one of them was left behind,

just to remember that their love,

would never end

and the good times,

would continue to shine.

Someday they would be together,

beyond the stars,

in their twilight years,

he always made sure,

that there were only bright moments,

in her life.

Dancing and dining,

the woman he loved,

always seeing her -

like the first time they met.

Came the time when he knew,

that he’d receive the call first.

So he recorded his song

and left it for her.

The day when he parted,

she didn’t cry,

she looked up toward heaven

and smiled.

She knew he would be there beside her,

then she put on his song

and she could go on.

On quiet velvety nights,

when the moon was full

and the stars were sprinkled -

across the sky.

She’d sit back and close her eyes

and she could hear him,

sing her their song.

Then she could imagine,

him right up there,

swinging on a star

and whistling that tune -

that simply filled her heart.

© 2017 Gypsy Rose Lee

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