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Trust is a Liability

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I am always fascinated on the power of lyricism and poetry. This poem is inspired by stories about experiences at Silliman Bea

A careful step towards the edge

A poem about a person facing judgment from society. Breathing in an environment that only sees his mistakes. A poem for those who have not been given a chance to prove their worth. And a poem for those who have been betrayed, by someone they trust, from someone they knew, and from someone they love. A poem that speaks of anger. A poem for those who are hurt, and presently convinced, sometimes trust is a liability.


The cold wind blows in the open window,

in the middle of summer, my life is rain and snow,

good to know that something is taking the heat,

off this head, coz it has been taking a beat,

But must I go through this punishment,

every round brings me closer to retirement,

my heart is heavy, in the bottom of the flask it settles,

my temper is loud, screaming in sharp like a kettle,

The aggression which I wish to contain,

is eating my sanity, burning my flesh like acid rain,

and in my bed where I can lay in peace,

I sing my story to mend a heart under siege,

But to intoxicate oneself just to have a rest,

is not a happy ending even for a person valued less,

clawed like a leopards claw, unto a heart made of straw,

depression pressing in and bringing me to my lowest of lows,

I wrote my dreams and aspirations on a paper plane,

had it flown only to be shot down by the rain,

they built walls to conquer my strengths,

a battery of traitors with artillery impossible to defend,

has burned the village to where I live,

betrayed, stabbed and deceived,

And so I learned a lesson, lift-up my guard,

a clown can have two faces exposed both sides to discard,

they may have bouquets to imply vulnerability,

but conceal a revolver and trust is a liability,

and so I state my death and also my rebirth,

the day I buried kindness to survive this earth

© 2020 Erl Sua