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Mr. Trump Goes to Washington

I'm on the right side of politics and enjoy a good debate on government, the economy, common sense, and the rights of the people.


An outsider looking in

Decided he would run and win

The highest office in his sights

Focused on the people’s rights

A crowded field of the usual suspects

Parroting about the same subjects

Making promises they just won’t keep

Treating voters just like sheep

Citizenship seems a casualty

With illegals demanding amnesty

Jobs keep heading overseas

Killing our economy

Only one put America first

Speeches raw and unrehearsed

The crowds did grow; people came

Saying, ‘Finally, one who thinks the same’

One by one the challengers fell

No more spinning carousel

Their message too ‘establishment’

Had their shot; it came and went

The businessman was nominated

While the media tried to get him hated

November came and but one remained

One who thought she was ordained

Her turn she said, her turn was now

Hungry for the government cow

Her record didn’t bear her well

Being a woman; her total sell

Said it was time to make her queen

After all, she had the Clinton gene

So she got some help; an inside team

From every corner of the regime

The FBI, the CIA; helpful friends at the DOJ

And the media too; told them what to say

Money came from all directions

You know that’s how you buy elections

But the skeletons in her closet

Couldn’t be hidden with deposits

Despite the help from Obama and crew

America wasn’t staying blue

The people spoke; their voices loud

“Save us from the Washington crowd”

Drain the swamp and prosecute

Make it quick and absolute

Our Liberty on the chopping block

Never any action; always talk

Crimes committed every day

But no one ever locked away

Build a wall, fix immigration

Defend us; we’re a sovereign nation

He took his voice straight to the people

No longer must they act like sheeple

Secure the border, follow the law

Citizens are equal, there’s no Bourgeois

When the stumping was done

The businessman had won

He’d beaten every expectation

Despite the daily defamation

What should have been a fair transition

Turned into an inquisition

The sore losers on the other side

Realized now they couldn’t hide

A smokescreen and an investigation

The nation watching in frustration

Russia, Russia, and steady obstruction

Hoped they’ve lead to his destruction

A witch hunt of epic proportions

Full of lies and character distortions

Now it’s been over 500 days

Many improvements along the way

The economy at record levels

Our president is instrumental

Getting rid of regulations

Calling out the United Nations

Conservative Justice to the Court

Rule of Law has his full support

Blue lives matter and the military too

A visionary who bleeds red, white, and blue

Showing strength across the globe

In spite of the noise from the Mueller probe

ISIS reduced to a pitiful bunch

They tried to win; he ate their lunch

Hit him hard, he hits back harder

No drama here, this one’s no martyr

With every order and bill he signs

Liberal policies are left behind

Lives rent free in his opponents heads

Each Tweet he makes, has them seeing red

He’s a billionaire and he’s no dummy

Donates his salary; doesn’t need the money

2020 will be another win

President Trump; Making America Great Again

© 2018 Ralph Schwartz