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True Friends

Ravi is a traveler and foodie who loves to visit off-the-beaten-track places and understand the culture, history and customs behind them.

The Background

2005 was the worst year of my life. I lost my job due to recession. My father died in an accident and my vivacious mother was reduced to an emotional wreck. We were in dire financial straits and were at the mercy of the cruel vagaries of fate that brought us new problems every day. We(my mother and myself) were defeated truly and completely.

It was during these tough times, my friend Avinash came to my rescue. He came in as a glimmer of light during my tough times, bringing in a much-needed rock-solid calmness and clarity of thought. He not only motivated us both and helped us to come out of our distress but also imbibed within me a sense of purpose and making my life worthwhile.

This poem is a tribute to him and his selfless support. Friends like Avinash are hard to get, so if you do get a true friend, do not lose him/her.

This rhyming poem is inspired from Brenda Arledge's word prompt Friendship.

Imagine being alone in a dark room,
filled with uneasiness and gloom.

Your mind refuses to clear,
and your heart is clamped with fear.

The darkness chokes your muddled senses,
you are soon desperate to break all fences.

A feeling comes by and you don’t know why,
you feel like you are soon going to die.

And then you see a glimmer of light,
dispelling the darkness with radiant might.

Hope blooms within you like a flower,
your mind gets a new lease of power.

True friendship is like that glimmer of light,
never let true friends go out of sight.

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