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True Friendship Does Exist!

My first effort to write in response to Ms. Brenda Ariedge's word prompt "Friendship" .


True Friendship Does Exist!

Friendship is not just a bond you make

It is a fondness that grows on you,

Fluent and spontaneous,

Genuine and true.

Many songs have been sung on friendship

And a lot of verses spared,

But what matters is the emotions

And the fact that you truly care.

A friend should be a well-wisher

Who holds you when you feel broken,

With kindness and compassion,

Words need not always be spoken.

The presence of a true friend

Is enough to give you hope,

To move on with your hardships

To heal and to cope.

And not only in your troubles,

You do need someone to share,

Your triumph and your happiness,

Without getting a hidden spiteful glare!

And even if you are far apart

It should not matter much,

The affection should stay alive in your hearts,

It's strength should be as such.

Though not many may have true friends

But true friendship does exist,

Blessed are those who have such friendship

To fill their lives with bliss!

Farah N Huq


© 2021 Farah N Huq

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