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Troubles That Don't Heal


They Only Resurface At A Later Date

As we press on

Like men marching in a great procession

Following orders and not allowed to think

Ill-prepared for what will happen

Time changes everything

We can never return to yesterday

Trying to break free

The imaginary chains of restraint

Only to be trapped

Once more in a world reckless and careless

There are hidden unknown rules to follow

We can not be

Unless we are fully committed

We may start off good

Think great thoughts

If action is indecisive

We may fail

Only to feel the disappointment

A loss of such enormity

It is better to forget

Than to understand

Where we went wrong

If we try to correct our past mistakes

We fall short

Now moved in a place

Where discontent is common

We will never know

What potential was possible

For we have not understood

Every attempt to correct the pattern

Is only an act

Where time quickly vanishes in the present


DREAM ON (author) on October 18, 2020:

Chrish Canosa Today is a beautiful day filled with so much wonder. I can embrace this moment and push on to the next. Joyful and excited to see the sunshine bright and not one cloud in the sky. A whole different story yesterday. Rainy and cold. Thank you for sharing and if you have any experiences feel free to share. For me some days at work should go so smoothly and they don't. Because of one thing or another I have no control over. So instead of complaining just let it go. Have a sensational Sunday.

Chrish Canosa from Manila Philippines on October 18, 2020:


There are happenings ain't need to be fix

Sometimes it's okay to not to understand at all and just move on. Less self harm more time for the next pace :-)

Have an awesome day!

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