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Trouble with the Real Life Curvatures

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

Looked in the mirror this morning

Frightened by the image that stared back

Distorted by either the light or a faulty prescription

Wiped the corneas and realized that wasn't case

Self-confidence at an all-time low

Disappointed that I gave into the impulse

To eat that whole bag of Sour Patch Kids

In one solitary sitting based on a bad day at work

Finished a box of cereal in four days

Without even meaning to do so

Just had to have it on everything that was eaten

Of course, on mostly breakfast related items

Nothing too bizarre or strange craving related

That would be a whole other category to worry about

Understood that this incessant eating needed to stop

Once a magazine ready normal girl model type

Converted into a creature with sharper arches to contend with

Nothing to be alarmed about just yet

Putting the kibosh to this growing need to stuff my face

Realized also this growing food tapeworm

Mainly based on a side effect on a new medication

Not fond of not having an off switch when it comes

To nighttime, and even daytime, snacking

Basically, eating and sleeping on a continuous loop

Bored a lot easier than was before the pills

Could be the pharmaceutical goods or just high standards

Need to be treated like royalty in order to be entertained

Eager to enjoy eating a proper meal without desert

Five minutes after finishing the main course

Have been told by friends and loved ones

That my appearance hasn't changed at all

Still look attractive to the masses no matter what

Should bounce back to normal once pills out of system

Ready for a dose of normalcy once again

Smiling at will and not feeling forced to make one

Energy rebounding faster than Superman's speeding bullet

Padlock on the brain harder to get off

Too many chains wrapped around the entryway

Sailor's Knots difficult to get off when you lack

The strength of an early Terminator era Arnold

Minus the ridiculously cool CGI special effects

Waiting for the metaphorical blowtorch to melt them away

Eradicating everything for good and leaving the lock off

Time to let some fresh air into that stale control room

Let the ideas and enthusiasm get some sunlight

Roam free in the theme park of life and have some fun

Moving this baby away from the proverbial corner

Take center stage and start dancing on it

Allowing those curves to blend in with the rest of the landscape

Smoothing out the rough edges and enjoying life

Ready. Set. Let's get this party going.

An addictive treat that you can't stop eating.

An addictive treat that you can't stop eating.

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