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Tropical Forest Cries: A Poem

Halley is a man who loves to write poetry as an introduction to positive messages for his readers. as a form of social interaction.

Save the Earth from Wildfires and Illegal Logging.

Save the Earth from Wildfires and Illegal Logging.

save our environment

save our environment

Right now, Tropical Forest is crying.

His crying was loud and audible.

nowadays, the harder and closer in our ears.

Because of the tropical forest, has been entered by humans gradually.

Dry bushes have been burned by fire.

Smoke had sent a sign in the dry season.

caused by whom?

and happened repeatedly.

The soil is poisoned by mercury.

The springs dried up and traded.

There was a cry from a distance.

Crying Voice Animals, insects and other creatures.

Plants and plants participate moan in pain.

After which they are taken and traded.

By those who lust big.

Using a motorized hand.

Knock down, repel, and plunder whatever is valuable.

All that is inside and what is seen standing in the fertile soil.

The sky is cloudy and similar to air pollution.

Delivering a cry of sadness.

The old trees fell for hundreds of years.

The red soil by the wound continues to be dismantled.

To build a greedy man's palace on the other side.

Actually, we all see and every day hear crying.

In front of the television screen in the living room.

Fascinated by the beauty of grief from the tropical forests.

Tropical forests have lost their drizzle.

Because she is tired of crying.

Whether it takes a few more years he can survive to always provide a lot of important things for humans.

To clean the water for the sake of life and clean the air to enjoy.

Their suffering is only for the beauty paid.

To be displayed on a television screen.

With reasons to get to know the tropical forest and its contents.

What is shown is tropical forest.

That radiates cries all over the world.

But we do not care, because we live behind the fireplace, then enjoy and watch the cries as entertainment.

Tropical forests are decorated, as the entrance for settlements, for universities, or scientific visits.

The tropical forests have been surrounded by many interests.

She kept crying and we laughed.

because we are far apart just watched from the television screen.

"Save Them", can only be spoken by some of us.

Because we are all weak and helpless.

Because actually many of us are busy with our own cries.



Poetry Messages

The issue of global warming has always been a major topic in the Campaign on the environment. Earth's condition is getting worse. We who live in the tropics know the activities that damage the environment. especially, the destruction of existing tropical forests. We no longer have any power to prevent it.

One of the largest "Tropical Forests" in Southeast Asia is in the country of Indonesia. We are currently powerless with circumstances, and have no power to protect tropical forests. Fortunately, we all can still enjoy the state of nature in various places. However, Someday. if, the tropical forests are reduced and replaced with oil palm plantations, illegal logging and environmental pollution by burning forests for new land.

The poem is the message of the future. The constantly destroying tropical forests will bring a message to our children and grandchildren. That they have become victims of the actions of parents today. When it's too late, there will be many things like: mineral-rich drinking water will be a step, clean air will be traded, and all that has happened in big cities today due to high air pollution. The land does not want to be a place to grow crops, there will be no more trees to produce

fruits and flowers are reluctant to grow. It's all because the Tropical forest is crying and we do not care. At that moment, all the "Tropical Forests Cry" her crying sounds, and we hear together. at that time, we will cry together by the devastating environmental disaster. Probably, only a small part of human survivors in the future.

At that time, we do not know where we stand. Whether crying for the first time or being the last to realize our mistakes has let the Tropical Forest continue to weep because it is destroyed. Let us occasionally convey in a simple way to preserve every seed of the existing tree, by not polluting the environment, throwing garbage in its place, and sparingly in using energy.

For you readers who have the power to create rules. I would like to convey to you to be kind to publish rules aimed at preserving the environment. and for everyone who has read this message. let's start with ourselves with small, meaningful actions such as keeping the environment clean and educating and instilling a sense of love for our children towards their environment.

"Save the Tropical Forest and do not let her cry"



© 2018 Halley Kawistoro

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