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Trompe L'oeil

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Amidst is you lost and stuck.

Overwhelmed by the flowers gushed from your lips
Created a garden of my favorites
I admired the beauty you are showing me
Admiration that leads me to curiosity.

Wanting to explore every corner
What’s behind those beautiful flowers
Every detail I wanted to know
Who are you that you don’t show.

A grand you are born to be
From a distant, I silently observed thee.

You stand firm to hide your fear
You laugh hard to hide your tear
Your smile has a lot to conceal,
No one knows how you feel.

I waved letting you know that I’m here
But a wall you started to build.

Your sigh I could still loudly hear
Your pain hurts me more like spear.
Colors faded, unified with black
Amidst is you, lost and stuck.

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