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Triumph Over Shadows, to the Esteemed Writer, Pamela Ogelsby, From Prompt 22, 'Shadow' by Brenda Arledge

Manatita is an esteemed author living in London, UK. He writes spiritual books, flash fiction and esoteric poetry, his favourite genre.

Wisdom from the Master

"The power of light will definitely illumine the darkness. Darkness tries to devour light, but light never devours. Light only illumines the darkness. You see at night how dark it is. Then, the day dawns, and the darkness disappears…” – Sri Chinmoy

"Behind all shadows of adversity
There is prosperity.
Wait and see!
Beauty’s Infinity,
Infinity’s Beauty
Will clasp you behind all shadows
Of adversity-night.

– Sri Chinmoy



Brenda’s prompt, No 22, is ‘Shadow.’ I have touched on the inner demons (Shadows) we have and tried to show that through Grace, we will inevitably triumph. I have also, as usual, added aphorisms of Sri Chinmoy and a video to inspire hope, pointing towards beauty ... to Love.

Brenda needs no introduction, as she regularly and tirelessly encourages us, with prompts, either to try our hands at, or continue our creative writing efforts. She's an excellent poet and writer; a great motivator well known to the regular members of the Hubpages community. We applaud her as one singular Unit

Pamela is now a force to be reckoned with. A previously unknown poetess, she has taken Brenda's Prompts by storm and done an amazing job with them. I applaud her greatly!

Lustrous Light


Triumph Over Shadows, Cantata 1

Inevitably, for reasons known or unknown,

I will need to quell the din and confusion of the

Heart. My first step are trials. I’m at the Olympics,

Battling against huddles with an uncomfortable stride.

My gait is poor, limbs far from nimble, as I try

To lift those heavy scars, carrying myself over

Huddles, right now impossible to surmount.

I stumble, graze myself, as the wounds of pent-up

Emotions haunt me, amidst the false urge and sweet

Encouragement of demons, secretly howling for my blood.

Lost in the darkness, I pick myself up, but fall again,

Into the fiery night of Hades, while fellow spiders, still

Steeped in ignorance, shout: “Go on, go on!” I spin in a web

Of labyrinths I cannot control, become lost in shadows,

As my huddle of emotions crashes, time and time again.

The next step is hope. I’m in a cave, locked in chains

By my desires. I see only darkness, that is, until my

Deliverer comes –an adept at jumping huddles.

He removes my fetters, whispering, “Come! Come!”

Yet so long have I been in this maze of blackness,

My eyes are not familiar with the Light and my bail

Of turmoil, still runs into the path of barriers.

The next step is deliverance. Grace enters and

Somehow, with the greatest of efforts, I see a streak

Of Light and follows the Master Huddler, hands

Interlocked, as we face those daunting blocks, one last time.

A gun goes off, I feel an invisible force carrying

me as I gain momentum, leap over my obstacles

And wins the race. My ghouls fall silent, but I hear

The Seers of Paradise, beating the drums of Victory,

Minstrels dancing and singing in my soul.

- Manatita, The Lantern Carrier. 23rd July, 2021



Triumph Over Shadows, Cantata 2

Sitting alone in this void of Silence, I feel

A Love so strong, commanding even the

Birds in the trees to sing. Everywhere is beauty,

And the joy of my inner Citadel is immeasurable.

Beauty speaks to me of the meadows, even as

The sunflowers dance; my eyes weep copious

Tears, laughing with the fragrance of the breeze.

My sweet Queen, You’re the flares of a

Thousand stars; even the silvery hues of a

Hundred moons, can never outshine Your lustre.

My heart was burdened by the din of loneliness and shadows;

The insanity of worldliness blinded my sight; I could not avoid

Stumbling in the darkness, searching endlessly, for Thy golden Light;

My soul finally glows like fire, sitting on the edge of blissful flames.

30th May, 2021

Scented candles, instruments of the Light


Wisdom from the Master

"We came from Delight. We grow in Delight. And at the end of our journey we enter into the effulgence of Delight, we retire into Delight." - Sri Chinmoy

"If we live in the heart, then the heart gives us the message of identification. If we identify ourselves with Light, immediately we become Light. Inside the heart is the soul. So, if we can live even for a minute each day in our inner existence, then we can see Light in abundant measure..." - Sri Chinmoy


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