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Tricked for Treat - Halloween Story

I have been writing poetry, fiction and short stories for many years and have completed a book of poems. I also enjoy comedy writing.

Halloween Story

Halloween Story

It was a cold Halloween night

Kids dressed as witches and skeletons trying to create a fright

Creepiness was accepted as ghouls roamed freely

Knocking on strangers doors anticipating candy

Vampires and warlocks, even the headless horseman roamed

Frightening adults out of there very homes

Lightening brightened the night skies, as Zombies seeked brains to eat

Halloween night was evil, but the candies made it sweet

A couple of brats dressed as cannibals came across this strange house down the road

Which nobody recognized was even there until Halloween night had showed

They knocked on the door once and it opened with a loud squeak

Then the candy gut kids shouted “Trick or Treat?”

“Step in my children, I have candies galore.”

It was an old woman with a walking cane behind the door.

“I love Halloween, it brings company to my place.”

“Please go over there and fill your bags with candy out of that blue vase.”

The kids looked up and saw what they thought was candy heaven

A large vase in the middle of the old woman’s house, filled with candy, a thousand times seven.

They dipped and filled and laughed and ate

Then the door slammed behind them and the lights dimmed and the old woman dropped to the floor and crept.

She began to transform into a hideous large spider and spun a web so quick

The kids were trapped and no one escaped it

All five screamed and shouted but everyone thought it was just Halloween skit

After all, it was the night of the dead so screams were legit

Trick or Treat

Trick or Treat

Spinning Her Web

The old woman monster spider began to sing as she spun her web wrapping each child

“Sweet candy, sweet candy, what meal did you bring me today.”

“Sweet candy, sweet candy, will a plump child come my way.”

“Sweet candy, sweet candy, it has really been a while.”

“Sweet candy, thank you for these juveniles.”

Then she lit a huge pot and began to cut up carrots and added beans

“Children stew!” She shouted and the house was soaked with screams

One by one she added the kids to her large pot and feasted on their cranium

About six hours later, her gut was as big as a stadium

Then suddenly she heard a knock on the door again.

More kids to be tricked for treats, she smiled, chuckled and picked up her cane.

© 2017 Clive Williams