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Tribute to a Great Hindi Poet

An artist,a poet at heart & a teacher by profession, pursuing masters in psychology now. Passionate about reading & writing the expressions.


Shabd (Words)

Few words shout loud

Few get undressed

And enter into the past

Few remain quiet.


A few words clearly state whatever expressions or emotions are there without any sort of fear, these words might be of pain, dejection, disapproval or some sort of revolt. Then a few words show the real picture of history. There are many incidences of the past which are not shown in its true picture. And a few words just remain quiet and speak their heart in silence.

Words are my intimate friends

Words soothe my mind and heart

Words offer me their alluring company

Words let me express my hidden identity

Words let me show my pleasure and agony,

Words let me make my world in the epiphany

Words help me to get unique experiences

Words create enchanting music and tunes

Words shower me with all the colours of blessings.

Tharthar (tremble)

Emerging from the music in dark

I saw a trembling night

A hand calling me

A leg moving to me

A face tolerating me

A body flowing within me.

Pahad (Mountain)

Climbing up the mountain

You get breathless

The sound gets hoarse

Your height declines as well

The mountain still remains when you don't.

Explanation: The poet is comparing the eternal nature with the mortal humans who get weakened while climbing the mountain getting breathless and other problems while it stands still. The poet ends with the line that the mountain survives while the human like us are born and then they die. It has a resemblance with the lines of Tennyson who compares the men with a brook.

"For men may come and men may go

But I go forever."

Parchhai (Shadow)

A shadow is that alive

What you are

Ahead of you and behind you

Or hidden inside within you

Or there from where you left.


The poet has compared the fleeting life of a human with a shadow. He states as the shadows are short-lived so is our life. There is also a touch of spirituality in this poem showing that a man cannot hide his deeds from himself.

Roti and Kavita (Bread and Poem)

The ones baking bread don't compose poems

The ones composing poems don't bake bread

There isn't any relation in between them

But what's that

While eating bread it looks

like reading a poem

And while reading a poem it seems

like eating bread.


This poem is a kind of sarcastic to show that the true poets don't consider earning from their creativity and imagination, they can stay in hunger as well. According to the poet, ones who earn from their poems to make a living are not real poets. There isn't any relation between wealth and poetry.

But in the second stanza, the poet asks a question to the readers to find out what it is when one relishes a bread it resembles reading a poem and when one reads a poem it seems as if he is earning some sort of contentment.

Us Stri Ka Prem (The love of that Lady)

Where the lady would be,

Who said to me -

All those ladies who will love you ever

May have come out of me

And how you will love me

You will be doing with all of them

And how you will love them

You will be loving me.

It's challenging to find that lady

Leaving her immense love within me

Who left alone

And I was in the illusion that she would be nearby

And I heard her steps frequently

The wind was vibrated by her presence

Embrace of hers used to float

And soon her soul would be visible while walking

As if like a blossomed flower at breaking dawn

The ladies that I met later

They didn't love me

Maybe I wasn't suitable for them.

I'd seen, they recalled the first lady

Listened to her steps

Filled with the same embrace

Wearing the same senses

Incessantly looking at her

As a bloomed flower at night.

A Tribute To Manglesh Dabral

A great poet and journalist from Uttrakhand

Spent seventy-two summers on this land,

Considered as a link between literature and journalism

He received Sahitya Akadami for "What We See".

He was a poet in the true sense and spoke his heart

Not scared of any rebukes, critics or the government,

He was so dedicated to his work, he returned his award

In a protest propelling many others do follow his path.

His poems are filled with sensational emotions

A contemporary hindi poet who knew the words' tunes,

He didn't write to impress but got pierced numerous hearts

With his low key and precise language filled with warmth.

He was the poet of both love and nature, truth and rights

He longed for the hilly terrains and the place of his birth

He spoke for the right of people and for their demands

He took literature for various walks carrying on journalism.

© 2020 Anupam Mitu

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