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Tribute to HubPages


The impetus . . .

HubPages has provided me a stage to express myself - confidently and without inhibitions. I am sure this feeling is shared by most, if not all, Hubbers. What follows is a tribute to the conceivers, designers, and administrators of this remarkable virtual arena, which just welled up from the depths.

Thank you HubPages!

(This tribute was first written for the web platform Squidoo and published there. Now that it has been merged with HubPages and the tribute is equally applicable to HubPages, the expressions in the tribute have been appropriately modified.)

Tribute to HubPages


To many, in a range of reasons, can a deep urge be an attribute;

I wondered which were the ones that made me write this tribute;

To the versatile, friendly, and exciting Web platform - Hubpages;

Sans second thoughts, procrastination, and without lexical chaperonages.


Deciding to begin my ardent search from the lowest possible rung;

An exercise that might tell me, where-from the desire had sprung;

I listed all situations that demand, extract, or attract such esteem;

To identify among them the ones that matched the focused theme.


That it was an affirmation of submission or a price of protection,

Was one of the rather strident definition for this sincere affection.

An attestation of worth and virtue, or a show of respect and gratitude,

Were the more pleasing descriptions, which provided better latitude.


It has always been the preferred human tendency to look for comfort,

And I wasn’t going to be an exception and risk being called a pervert.

The agreeable implications were the ones that I safely chose to pursue;

To see how we gel with the tribute scheme – me and the appreciation due.


Without a hesitation or reservations, I will emphatically proclaim,

That HubPages has provided me the means to realize my primary aim;

Of presenting my perceptions, thoughts, and writings to the world.

It feels like having established a little niche; and on it, a flag unfurled.


And find thousands of other niches and flags similar to your own;

Each to their distinctive and distinguishing passions, that are prone.

Theirs owners, friendly and supportive, and individuals of all ages;

Humans and angels, entrepreneurs of all hues, hermits and sages.


Almost like a virtual family, keeping with the clime of the times;

An ethereal society in cyberspace; Nice, but also scary sometimes.

Having lived a life thus far knowing friends in soul, blood, and flesh,

You experience another, where all is notional, and begin living afresh!


Marvel, I do, at those who conceived and nurtured this enterprise.

Every element in the array of human sensitivities, it does comprise.

Freedom to be individualistic; togetherness for a noble cause;

A market place, yet sufficient private space for those weary, to pause.


Before I conclude, let me get this off my chest and make a confession;

To a little extent, perhaps, this tribute is also an avowal of submission.

Like any organization, there is a hierarchy here too; and there is a supreme king;

Flout rules or display insolence - your virtuality is sure to get the "ding".