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Tribute to "She"

Well i wished to write on it because i personally found that being a girl a woman is a blessing and every SHE must be independent and safe.


Who is a "SHE".. well dont you think the world starts from a "SHE" and probably ends with a "SHE".


All she needs is a chance,

to prove herself once.

Give her wings and let her fly,

for her dreams that are a bit high.

She needs to stand, she needs to grow,

to show the world, for what she was born so.

She is a fire let her burn,

to enlighten the world on her own.

The thing she needs is your support,

The thing you can do is give your support.

Because every she is a reason that we are here,

enjoying our life throughout the year.

She is a special ingredient in our life,

without whom everything is test less, am I right.

So the duty everyone has is to,

love her and save her future,

as well as her life.

-Monalisha Bal

I mostly love writing poems and shayaris... I can't name it as a hobby as its a habit of me... nature is an ocean of ideas.. where you can swim to fine your ideas...

I wrote as I took the idea from my life.. seeing my mother working all day for everyone but cant find a few minutes for her own.. that's what inspired me of writing it.. as I think that every "she" really plays a very important roll in our lives and we should all respect them and there views...


© 2019 Monalisha Bal

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