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Tribute to Mahendra Singh Dhoni,the captain cool(Indian Cricketer)

The Captain Cool(India)

An inspiring scene,

I have still fresh in my eyes

which I am gonna rejuvenate now.

For the first time saw a man in Blue

Jersey with Long hair on an ongoing cricket

playground ,hitting the white ball out of the boundary seamlessly ,curiosity to know his name was on peak that day.

As I had come to know his name ,

since then it has been remaining in my heart.

"Mahendra Singh Dhoni"

the name itself describes the ascending

line of INDIAN cricket. The man whom I had watched on our black&white Television set for the first time has brought many fame to the home team.It seems like yesterday when MSD lifted up the Golden Trophy,"World Cup"(2011) after 28 years ,he had bid-adieu to International Cricket.He had also made it possible to win ICC T-20 WORLD CUP(2007).


what you have done on behalf of Indians will never be forgotten .

From guiding the whole team on the playground as a captain behind the stamps and even taking the responsibility of wicket keeping to hit the helicopter shot, everything will be missed badly .

Actually you have completed the dream of many Indians by uplifting the World Cup, hitting the massive Helicopter shot and this epic scene will remain as a beautiful dream in our heart forever .

Thanks for inspiring us,

teaching us how to get out of the very critical condition by putting a smile on face and also being cool.

© 2021 Nayanjyoti Mirdha

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