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Tribute to Granny

Death is an enemy
she's the beginning and end of pain.
loosing a loved one to her
becomes the beginning of something new
first, we're lost in a cold grave of loneliness,
Our faces become a country
with pool of tears,
some become poets
We write; write and write forgetting our foods on fire.
We do not smell the burntness.
we write memoirs
we sing songs of tears
we stand like poles to honour their demise
we do not give a damn to our happening surroundings
We walk our hearts out
to the grave without shame,
where we say our last words
pouring out the memories
long buried inside of us.
we say It is well; it is well
till we meet again to part no more!
we comfort ourselves to bid them farewell
this is how we honour the departed.

Adieu Granny
I will miss you maami
Till we meet again.

© 2020 Poeticnurse