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Your love is the soil in which I grow tall
To be separated from the garden is to wither
Your beauty is the water quenching my thirst
To be denied the rain is to see only ugliness
Your life is the light to which I am drawn
To be denied your life is to become aimless
And yet it is all these things that I wish to be
Thirst quenching direction for your heart
How can I be when I deny myself of you
I cannot, I am then desolate, dry, alone
Let me send my love and beg forgiveness
Let us till our garden together once again

If a man be ever afraid
It's not of coyotes or snakes
It's facing the love of his life
Knowing she has raised the stakes
To scale such unknown heights
Of emotional duress and fortitude
Is it ever possible to love so deeply
And yet soften an intensely felt mood
But if you say you can't face another day
Because I bring you too much sorrow
I will look further inside my heart
Will I find the answer before tomorrow
I won't ask you to trust me my love
What is left of life is too precious
But remember the love we have shared
My weakness is my heart being reckless

Our entire life together
Passing before my eyes
Don't separate me from my senses
What I see and feel is your heaven
And still I live my hell
How can such perfection be made
And yet too powerful for mortal man
Everything I dreamed is in my hand
But am I destined to die in this life
Or live the next with your love to spend?

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