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Tree House (a Narrative Poem)


Jaydee has been writing poetry since she was 12 and took an extra class on English Literature in High school.


When I was eight,
I thought of life as great,
Cause of my amazing tree house.

Way up high,
There in the sky,
Stood my very own private house.

Away from my parents,
And all my school friends,
Was a place I could be alone and express myself.

No rules or regulations,
No sadness or great expectations,
But a warm place where my freedom would engulf.

Thick planks are woven together,
Filled with memories that will last forever,
Made my childhood feel blessed.

I'd climb up when I'm sad,
I'd climb up when I'm mad,
The view is something not to be missed.

With a ladder that leads to the top,
And a rope for a fun drop,
A tire swing that has calmed my every storm.

My tree house was my special place,
Built by my father with grace,
A place completely out of the norm.

I remember how my imagination ran wild,
All the roles I would play as a child,
At times a pirate or a dainty princess.

I would have pretend-tea parties,
Or re-enact my favorite movies,
Moments are simply priceless.

And now all grown up,
I wish I could run up,
Although I'm not as I used to be.

For the years have passed,
And the planks are in my hands at last,
My son can experience a tree house like me.

A place of his own
A tree house unlike anything else,
Where his imagination can roam
And be himself.

© 2018 JayDee


JayDee (author) from Dubai on September 13, 2019:

It would seem so, thank you

JayDee (author) from Dubai on September 13, 2019:

Thank you, God bless

BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on September 11, 2019:

Sounds like this was a wonderful place to spend a childhood.

Great write.

John Hansen from Queensland Australia on September 11, 2019:

A lovely poem that brings back memories. As a child I always had a tree house and built them for my children as well. Nice rhyme scheme too.

JayDee (author) from Dubai on November 11, 2018:

I didn't have a tree house. But I knew someone who did :) Never the less thank you for your kind words. God bless.

Elijah A Alexander Jr from Washington DC on November 11, 2018:

Thank you, Jay Dee, you had a treehouse and I only had the tree and, except providing one for any of my children, our experiences were very much alike. There were times my mother sought me playing with my playmates and didn't know I was high up in the top of one of the trees in our yard.

We had one other major difference, your house was known to your parents but my swaying in the breeze seeking answers to the question the people couldn't or wouldn't answer wasn't known to mine. My tree was one of my places for meditating concerning life.

So I thank you very much for restoring those memories to my consciousness.

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