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Travels of the Deep Blue

Travels of the Deep Blue

I went from a canoe,

To a sail boat,

To a ship.

Only to beg for my lungs

To fill up with the cold water.

At such desire,

I jumped into the deep blue,

Where fear strikes even the bravest of men;

Here the water did welcome me,

With swirls of lights,

Music of unseen creatures,

And ripples that massaged my whole body.

No canoe,

No sail boat,

No ship,

Could ever steal the wonders that over took my entire being.

Love Drops

Love drops-

At the sound

Of his whisper,

For his impatience fails him;

But his breath-

Guides him,

To which the sun becomes his face.

At which the poor and dying say:

"Help me-

I can't droop,

I must not fail my leaves,

Which I lack,

My roots shrink.

"Leave me not to hang,

But to be vibrant,

In the light of your glistening sun."