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Traveling Hearts

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Let's embark on a journey.

The journey will satisfy our traveling hearts.

Yes, even when the weather is murky.

When the weather is dry.

No,need to wait until the weather is right.

We don't even need it to always be daylight.

We could travel at night.

Now is when our journey starts.

Our plane has landed.

We are free to see the world through a travelers eyes.

Our eyes behold the world in all it's wonder and beauty.

The land we look upon with mountains and bluffs.

It's hills and buttes.

It's green plains and dry deserts.

We travel from islands to forests.

Through jungles to snowy mountains.

Adventure is the way we live.

We could take a road trip.

You could drive with the windows down.

You could feel the wind in your curls.

I will take photos when we visit the town.

When we arrive at home we will have these memories.

Though we had much fun our journey must come to an end.

We shall take out the photos and remember the fun journey we had.

Adventure always comes back like an old friend.

We will once again travel the world.

We shall see it for the first time over and over again.

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