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Trauma Bond

Trauma Bond

There are days I feel like

Everything is standing still,

As if the world is moving

Slower than I remember

Before the hurricane destroyed our life.

I’m holding on to confusion and pain

But feel nothing but fear and exhaustion.

I just don‘t want to move forward.

I’m not entirely sure where to go

Or where to start anymore.

I used to just follow you blindly

And without hesitation

Because I didn’t have a solution

To the destruction I left behind me

While I walked through the storm.

I searched for the calm.

My eyes were darkened by the very bond

That broke my soul.

I assumed you knew how

To find solace in the solitude we built for ourselves.

The chains you wrapped around my ribcage

Was unbreakable and fortified by truth.

Just because you knew you could,

You tore me into pieces from the inside out.

You sat me down, shut me up, and threw me down.

This self-hate from knowing my love never faded

Will never leave my heart and soul.