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Trapped Inside My Head

Shyron is a retired Customer Service Rep. for Verizon. Colleges attended: Triton, Melrose Park, Illinois and Elgin, in Elgin, Illinois.



I read last night the article by C. E. Clark that asked the question are people in a coma aware of and understand conversations around them, then I thought about when my Honey Bunny was in a coma and wrote this poem in the E.R. tonight as he was being bandaged and I thought he must have been aware of the conversations going on around him before he woke after his accident years ago.

Trapped Inside My Head

Where am I?

This thought to my brain is fed

"He is not responding" someone said

I tried to scream

"I'm right here trapped inside my head"

Why can't I move?

My arms, my legs my head

I am in a dream like state instead

I try my best to move

But, it seems I'm tethered to this bed

Although I can hear the things that are being said

Why can’t I open-up my eyes?

To see the bright blue skies

As if they heard, they open-up

Because they were being pried

It is too bright, am I in Heaven?

Trapped in the brilliant light

Why can’t I move? I try to say

And I am so dry

She must have heard me for

I heard my loved one cry

I feel the wetness against my lips

She is feeding me icy chips

As back into the dream like state I slip

I wonder if I am alive or dead

He is still not responding someone said

And I silently scream

I am right here trapped inside my head

I hear someone crying softly

And turn my head to see

A smile replaced her tears when she looked at me

Doctor, come quickly she said with glee

From trapped inside my head I am finally free

© 2018 Shyron E Shenko

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